Adult Literacy

We believe that literacy is a basic right of every person. Our adult literacy program is aimed at developing learning skills, an awareness of health and hygiene, basic economics, as well as social development, with a goal of uplifting the entire community. Our content includes wisdom principals that address local issues such as drunkenness, sanitation and nutrition. Our model is based on assessing the needs of each community; they identify issues of concern and our team works to create literacy materials that teach good behavior and simultaneously build life skills.

The literacy program provides each student with a functional 4th grade literacy level. An emphasis is placed on practicing reading and writing to increase fluency. We build on their functional literacy with numeracy and also offer courses that focus on the growth of micro-enterprise, marketing and the economic development of the community. Business education, such as bookkeeping, accounting and investment, is included in the curriculum in order to lessen poverty and raise income levels. Our Awareness lessons include:

  • Personal health
  • Proper nutrition, kitchens and gardening
  • Community sanitation
  • Control of rats in homes
  • Maternity care (pre- and post-)
  • Basic accounting
  • Political rights & human rights
  • HIV/AIDS, leprosy, alcohol abuse
  • Water sanitation
  • Safety & environment
  • Pollution control

Stewardship of body, mind, spirit and resources are the basis for each level of education.

With the assistance of our partners, we have printed adult literacy materials in 8 languages.