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Our primary objective is to uplift the poor and the poor at heart through education, micro-enterprise, access to healthcare and other development opportunities. Our goal is to strengthen indigenous leaders who have a proven track record of effective work and a relationship with local people. We work to build the capacity of the church and the poor. We want to improve quality of life through access to healthcare, literacy and economic opportunity. We have a holistic approach and believe that health, access to basic needs, knowledge, skill-building and micro-enterprise are essential tools to breaking cycles of poverty.

Join us in our vision: “To have life, and have it abundantly!”

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Inspire International creates caring communities of faith that teach the Word of God, promote literacy, alleviate poverty, and bring hope. We do this through the following program areas: Adult Literacy and Empowerment; Children’s Ministry and Education; Church Outreach, Discipleship and Capacity Building; and Health and Community Development.


To have life and have it abundantly.

Inspire International Staff

Inspire a better future

With your help, we can bring hope to communities in South Asia and beyond.

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